Tto execute an alternative sequence of computer program instructions as a result of the detection of a specific condition. To become involved in something new, especially as a way of extending or expanding personal interests or business activities. A store, bank, or other organization that is part of a larger group and is located in a different part of a geographic area from the parent organization.

The branch cut device may appear arbitrary ; but it is very useful, for example in the theory of special functions. In English it replaced native bough. The meaning “local office of a business” is recorded by 1817, from definition of branch the earlier sense of “component part of a system” . Runtime related objects, such as Output Channels, Controls, Graphs, etc., are themselves specialized components, which may be part of the schematic canvas of a module.

A lateral division or subdivision of certain other plant parts, such as a root or flower cluster. Unlike a quasi-judicial agency, this quasilegislative agency was neither independent of the executive, the judicial, nor the legislative branch, respectively. The data are means of the number of fruits formed on branches of three different trees. More examples The bank has three branches in Norwich, and over three hundred countrywide.

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However, branch accounting usually refers to branches keeping their own books and later sending them into the head office to be combined with those of other units. Though it seems synonymous with contemporary chain stores and franchise operations, branch accounting actually goes back a long way. Venetian banks maintained a form of it as early as the 14th century. The ledgers of a firm of Venetian merchants, dating from around 1410, also show a form of it to try to account for overseas and home accounts.

Branching is a basic concept in computer science. It means an instruction that tells a computer to begin executing a different part of a program rather than executing statements one-by-one. Top 2000 English words, Things in or on a tree, Office management, more… Is general, meaning either a large or a small division. A category of a lower order than a subfamily and of a higher order than a subbranch or a group, as the Germanic branch of Indo-European.

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It is also called a child branch. With most projects, releases have to be cut while development continues. Create branches to isolate a release so future development can continue in parallel. Appoint a single owner for each codeline or branch to resolve any issues that may arise. When a developer wants to submit their changes, they need to determine where to merge. To overcome this issue, companies often implement complex scripting on top of the VCS.

To put forth a branch or branches; spread by dividing. Mathematics A part of a curve that is separated, as by discontinuities or extreme points. A division of a family, categorized by descent from a particular ancestor.

The notion of sectoral specialisation is supported by another branch of recent analysis which involves understanding differences in the characteristics of firm owners. The level of expression of the 6 isoform in the cells of the right bundle branch was always lower than that of the surrounding myocardium. Thus, an enormous block on a branch defined by a right endpoint can be essentially replaced by large subblocks corresponding to left endpoints. This latest investigation is being held by the disciplinary branch of the accountancy profession. She has been a customer of the same bank branch for decades.

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The advantage of this strategy is that merging down gives you a preview of what the parent codeline will look like once you’ve copied back to the parent. This preview can also be tested in isolation before being copied back to the parent. Merging down and copying up is a best practice that keeps code stable. Merging down is merging code from a parent branch into a work-in-progress branch.


The shoot of a tree or other plant; a limb; a bough shooting from the stem, or from another branch or bough. Johnson restricts the word to a shoot from a main bough; but the definition warranted neither by etymology nor usage. A branch is not a separate legal entity, although it can be referred to as an “independent branch” because it keeps its own accounting books.

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Or they might outline a branching strategy on a whiteboard or wiki and just hope that everyone follows along appropriately. The “limb of a tree” sense is peculiar to English. Divided or spread into branches; separated into subordinate parts; adorned with branches; furnished with branches. To shoot or spread in branches; to ramify, as a plant, or as horns. The company has branched into the multimedia market. Part of the path branches off toward the river.

A line of family descent stemming from a particular ancestor; a division of a family. A local operating division of a business, library, etc. The instructions executed as the result of such a passing of control.

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As such, they help define the definition of the module, and are therefore organized on a per module definition basis. Each module definition will contain a list of all runtime objects that exist in that module. Whenever a runtime object is added, a record of it is immediately added here, under the appropriate module definition. By the 17th century, branch accounting was being widely used by German counting-houses and other businesses. Moravian settlements throughout the thirteen original colonies used it for their books in the mid-1700s.

  • After a few miles, a small road branched off to the right…
  • In high-level languages, these are typically referred to as flow control procedures and are built into the language.
  • Was clearly subservient to the executive, the Supreme Court exercised power independently.
  • Each branch should have a single policy for who can make changes, when builds occur, what tests to run, etc.
  • A sequence of program instructions to which the normal sequence of instructions relinquishes control, depending on the value of certain variables.
  • The branch cut can be moved around, since the integration line can be shifted without altering the value of the integral so long as the line does not pass across the point z.

He is a former chairman of the Belfast branch of the National Union of Journalists. Suddenly like a firework and yet like the limb of a blazing tree. Whether you’re a teacher or a learner, can put you or your class on the path to systematic vocabulary improvement.

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The branches of a deer’s antlers; the branches of the armed forces. Definition and synonyms of branch from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education. He has been named assistant branch manager at a new branch of the bank. Was clearly subservient to the executive, the Supreme Court exercised power independently. To expand or extend, as business activities (usu. fol. by out).

A plot of the multi-valued imaginary part of the complex logarithm function, which shows the branches. As a complex number z goes around the origin, the imaginary part of the logarithm goes up or down. This makes the origin a branch point of the function. However, branch accounting is not the same as departmental accounting.

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By sophomore year, students can branch out into other areas of the music school or the university in general to broaden their education. Down below is Mineral County and its county seat, Keyser, a former manufacturing and railroad hub that overlooks a branch of the Potomac. I continued studying moths, and branched out to other insects… A branchof your family is a group of its members who are descended from one particular person. Logarithmic branch points are special cases of transcendental branch points. Each branch should have a single policy for who can make changes, when builds occur, what tests to run, etc.

Includes tens of thousands of topical, encyclopedic, dictionary, and commentary entries all linked to verses, fully searchable by topic or verse reference. A division of a main stem, supporting the leaves and fructification. A subdivision of the stem, root, or flower cluster of a plant.

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